Weissenfels SUV Clack & Go RTS 108

Available in 5 versions:
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Available in 5 versions

Available in 5 versions:

Item description

The Weissenfels Clack & Go SUV RTS is a sturdy snow chain for small, medium and large SUVs, but is also suitable for high-performance vehicles with large wheels. The chain has been developed to cope with large weights, while only taking up limited space in the wheel housing, so that they can fit very large tyre sizes. The chains are coloured black, so they are less noticeable on the car. The SUV RTS uses dual Clack & Go technology; Thanks to this patented automatic tensioning system, you only need to put the chains on and you will be able to drive off right away. The Clack & Go technology controls the tension, so there is no need for you to repeatedly manually retension the chains. In addition, the system centers itself and keeps itself balanced. With practice, you will be able to put on or remove the chains within one minute. The chain is designed to not damage the rims of the SUV, so there are no links running along the rims. The links are made strong and compactly, giving you a sustainable product that runs smoothly.

Tyre size


About Weissenfels

Weissenfels is one of the world leaders in the field of snow chains. For over 30 years, Weissenfels has produced snow chains with a great emphasis on quality. Through extensive research, innovation and the utmost attention to design and the right materials, Weissenfels has a wide range of snow chains which are very high quality. The proprietary Clack & Go technology makes it possible to attach the Weissenfels snow chains in no time and ensures that the snow chain fits perfectly on to the tyre. Thanks to the ultimate ease of use, you can never go wrong with Weissenfels.


Snow Chain (set of 2)
SUV Clack & Go RTS 108
Inside clearance
13 mm
Stylish black links that are less noticeable
Suitable for large wheels and wide tires
For SUVs, but also high-performance cars and commercial vehicles
High comfort
30% less vibration
Ideal for first time users
Very easy installation with Clack & Go
Automatically centers, re-tensioning not required
Easy to unhook
Meshed chain with high grip
Suitable for cars with ABS / ESP


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