Snow Chains for Camper

With campers, it is always recommended to use snow chains when you go on holiday in slippery areas during the cold winter months. In some countries such as Austria, France and Switzerland, it is even mandatory to use snow chains for cars. For motor-homes there are special snow chains available. These tyre chains often differ from the snow chains for normal passenger cars. Campers have more power, which means a stronger and often thicker chain is required. To see which snow chain is suitable for your motor home, you can enter the tyree width, the profile, and the rim size in the calculator below.
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Snow Chains for Camper Vans

Here at Snowchainstore, you will find a wide range of snow chains suitable for a camper van. These tyre chains are on average much firmer than normal snow chains for cars and therefore have the ability to provide a larger car with grip. Note: always look carefully in advance at which chains are suitable for your car before you buy a set of snow chains.