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The brand Weissenfels is one of the leading companies which specialise in the production of snow chains for cars. It not only focuses on snow chains for passenger cars, but also snow chains for SUVs, 4x4s, and vans. Thanks to their experience, the brand can ensure an excellent price to quality ratio for each type of car with product series such as the Weissenfels Clack & Go, Weissenfels Tecna, and Weissenfels REX. All Weissenfels snow chains are TÜV approved. This ensures a reliable, quality product.
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In the summary above you can find everything about snow chains from the Weissenfels brand. These are all TÜV approved which means that they are guarantee high quality, safety and reliability. In addition, the snow chains for passenger cars are made to the ÖNORM V 5117, - an Austrian standard for snow chains, which is also applicable in Italy. The snow chains for vans also meet an Austrian standard (ÖNORM V 5119). In summary, if you're after the right snow chain for your car, with Weissenfels you are assured a high quality product.