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The German company RUD has a long history since starting their production of chains in 1875. Since then, the brand has become a global player in the field of snow chains for cars and other related products. Over the years a lot has changed for snow chains. This means that the products are continuously enhanced with top quality designs and materials. RUD has already won several awards and medals, including the gold medal for innovation workplace. The brand itself indicates that it is important for the employees to work in a safe, familiar environment where innovation is central. This allows everyone to work well together to make RUD snow chains an even better product.
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The brand RUD is known today as a global player in the market for some of the best snow chains available. The knowledge and experience needed to offer a quality product has been built upon since 1875 and will always continue to improve. In addition, the brand focuses on innovation. This is true not only for the products, but also for the working environment of the personnel. This ensures that working in a motivating environment will result in producing tyre chains of the highest quality.