Snow Chains

On this page you will find an overview of all the snow chains for cars that we offer. Snowchainstore offers snow chains for all types of tyre widths, heights and rim sizes. For the snow chains to operate properly and safely, we recommend using the following selection tool. You can select the tyre size of your car and then it will indicate which snow chains are suitable, so you can enjoy your skiing holiday with peace of mind.It is wise to refer to your car manual or the tyre chains instruction manual before the application process, however these chains are relatively easy to mount on your tyres.View our selection from top brands like Maggi, Pewag, König, and many more!
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Snow Chains UK

Make sure that you're prepared for your winter holiday with a great set of high quality snow chains from Snowchainstore UK! Not sure which chains are suitable for your tyre size, or have a question about chains from one of the brilliant brands we stock? Don't hesitate to contact our customer service team, who will be more than happy to help!

External Snow Chains

Within our collection of snow chains, we offer a wide range of models so that there is something for every car. Our selection of external chains are models that do not need to go all the way around the wheel, which means that no inside clearance is required. These chains are perfect for more modern sports cars and other cars with very little space in the wheel well.

Snow Socks

An excellent alternative to snow chains are snow socks. We offer a range of snow socks from high quality brands such as Michelin. Snow socks have been a viable alternative to snow chains for a number of years. Tyre socks have a great advantage in comparison to regular snow chains, such as being easier and quicker to mount on to the tyre. However, snow socks are not permitted in some winter sports destinations; Austria and Germany, for example, do not permit the use of snow socks, you must have snow chains.

All this and more from Snowchainstore. View our snow chains for specific car types here:

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