Snow Chains for SUV

When you're driving over frozen or snow-covered roads during the cold winter months, it is highly recommended to use snow chains for every car. In some popular winter sports destinations such as France and Austria, snow chains for cars are mandatory. For large cars such as an SUV you need different snow chains than the ones for an average passenger car. With an SUV being a bigger vehicle, often with more power under the bonnet, you will need a stronger and often thicker chain to carry the weight. On this page you will find an overview of all snow chains that are suitable for an SUV. Not sure which snow chain is suitable for your car? Then enter your tyre size, the profile, and the rim size in the handy calculator below.
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Snow Chains for SUVs

On the Snowchainstore site you will find a wide range of snow chains suitable for an SUV. These snow chains on average are a lot firmer and a lot thicker than the ones for a normal car and therefore have the ability to provide an SUV with grip. The snow chains that are suitable for an SUV come from well known brands such asPewag, Maggi, and Weissenfels. Because of the wide range of SUV cars available, there can be many differences between different snow chains. Take a good look at the requirements of a tyre chain for your car before you purchase snow chains.