Polaire is a French manufacturer of various car accessories such as snow chains. The brand specialises in the Polaire Grip and the Polaire Grip Steel: an affordable tread chain with a high ease of use. The clever construction allows the chain to fit on almost all cars. The solid system makes the Polaire Grip even suitable for heavy cars with a lot of horsepower. You do not need to worry about the grip because the strong links of the chain stay in firm contact with the surface of the road. Polaire products will ensure you can confidently drive to your winter destination.

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Polaire is a French manufacturer of car accessories in the region of Grenoble. Besides the Polaire Grip snow chains, the brand also makes wheel covers, wheel bolts and bike carriers. Polaire snow chain products are beautifully finished and have a very good value for money. If you are after high quality snow chains for cars and other vehicles, then Polaire snow chains offer some of the very best with the Polaire Grip and the Polaire Grip Steel.