Tyre size
Product Type
Self-tensioning (1 step for mounting)
Manual tensioning (2 steps for mounting)
Quick assembly
Mounting Method
Suitable for ABS/ESP
Suitable for cars with a lot of horsepower
Suitable for heavy vehicles / SUVs
Suitable for
Shipping Time

External Snow Chains

Do you have a car with a small wheel well, but are in need of a pair of great quality snow chains for your winter holiday? Then look no further, because we here at Snowchainstore have created this page of external snow chains that will be perfect for your car! External snow chains are only mounted on the front part of the wheel, as opposed to all the way around. That means that they are perfect for if you don't have too much space in your wheel well. With brilliant models such as the König K-Summit or the RUD Centrax models, you're sure to find the perfect pair of snow chains for your car this winter!

External Snow Chains UK

Here at Snowchainstore, we sell snow chains for all types of cars, no matter your tyre size or how much space you have in your wheel well. We host some of the biggest and best brands on the market, providing you with a choice amongst a wide range of high quality external snow chains. Featuring brands such as Polaire, Maggi, Spikes Spider, RUD, and König (previously known as Thule). Click on the above images to find out more about these great external snow chains. Not sure which models are suitable to your tyre size? Then contact our customer service team, who will be more than happy to assist.