Snow Chains for Passenger Vehicles

When driving abroad during the cold winter months, it is highly recommended to have snow chains on your tyres. This gives you more grip while you drive on snowy and icy roads, preventing accidents. In some countries such as Austria, France, and Switzerland where winter sports are popular, it is even mandatory to have snow chains for cars when you drive there. On this page you will see a handy overview of the snow chains sold on this site suitable for passenger cars. Not sure which snow chain is best suited to your car? Then enter your tyre width, the profile of your tyres, and your rim size in the handy calculator below.
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Snow Chains for Cars

Here at Snowchainstore, you will find a wide range of snow chains suitable for every car. This range comes from well-known snow chain suppliers such as Weissenfels, Thule, and Pewag.This way you can be assured that you are paying for the highest quality tyre chains. Do you want chains with a quick assembly? Do you want protection for your rims? For more information about the snow chains on this site, click on the above images.