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These snow chains from the brand Maggi are known for their high quality. The quality that the brand offers today is due to the knowledge and experience gained since the brand's beginning in 1925. This family business is still run by the family so that the knowledge and experience can be kept and shared in the right way. The production of the tyre chains takes place in five different locations in Italy. During the process, sustainability plays an important role. Maggi features different snow chain series suitable for a range of different vehicles. One of their most popular series is Maggi The One, which features various snow chains for cars and other vehicles such as 4x4s, SUVs, and snow chains for vans.
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The Maggi brand is part of the Maggi Group, a family business founded in 1925. All the snow chains are produced in five different locations in Italy. Thanks to years of knowledge and experience, Maggi has become one of the largest snow tyre chain manufacturers in Europe and exports all over the world. This is obviously for a very good reason. Over the years, Maggi has established itself as a trusted brand for quality snow chains.