Tyre size
Self-tensioning (1 step for mounting)
Manual tensioning (2 steps for mounting)
Quick assembly
Suitable for wheel arches with little space
Mounting Method
Suitable for aluminium rims
Space required in wheel arch
Suitable for ABS/ESP
Suitable for cars with a lot of horsepower
Suitable for heavy vehicles / SUVs
Suitable for
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Tyre Size

Our range of snow chains is very extensive due to every model of chain only being suitable for a select few tyres. For example, within our assortment you can see snow chains for cars, SUV's, 4x4s, vans, and more. With all these snow chains and snow socks available, we advise you to fill in your tyre dimensions using the filter tool below. You will then be able to view the appropriate tyre chains for your car. Our selection includes brands such as Michelin, Ottinger, Weissenfels, König, and many more!

Snow Chains UK

Make sure that you're prepared for your winter holiday with a great set of high quality snow chains from Snowchainstore UK! Not sure which chains are suitable for your tyre size, or have a question about chains from one of the brilliant brands we stock? Don't hesitate to contact our customer service team, who will be more than happy to help!