Weissenfels Tecna M30 4A

Available in 10 versions:
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Available in 10 versions

Available in 10 versions:

Item description

The Tecna Weissenfels snow chain is the entry-level segment of the Italian snow chain manufacturer. Mounting is archived by means of a hook system with an ergonomic rubber grip. You simply pull the chain through the chain loops and tension them by attaching the the hook to the front side. Once you have driven the car 20 meters, you then finish off the process by attaching the rubber hook to the other side, and it is that easy to have your chains installed and tensioned. This is the perfect snow chain for users who would prefer a cheaper chain and do not mind spending the extra time to manually retension their chains. After you have used your chains in winter conditions it is advisable to rinse the chains with water and let them dry in the sun before storing them. This procedure will give you many years of enjoyment and use.

Tyre size


About Weissenfels

Weissenfels is one of the world leaders in the field of snow chains. For over 30 years, Weissenfels has produced snow chains with a great emphasis on quality. Through extensive research, innovation and the utmost attention to design and the right materials, Weissenfels has a wide range of snow chains which are very high quality. The proprietary Clack & Go technology makes it possible to attach the Weissenfels snow chains in no time and ensures that the snow chain fits perfectly on to the tyre. Thanks to the ultimate ease of use, you can never go wrong with Weissenfels.


Snow Chain (set of 2)
Tecna M30 4A
Inside clearance
9 mm
Very simple installation with hook system
Retensioning not required
Easy to unhook
Not suitable for cars with tight wheel wells
High grip, lightweight
Suitable for cars with ABS / ESP


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