Snow Chains RUD Protrac 4Fun 4060

Snow Chains RUD Protrac 4Fun 4060


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  • EAN: 4008244305024
  • Snow Chains (set of 2)
  • Brand: RUD
  • Series: Protrac 4Fun
  • Material: Steel
  • Inside clearance: 9 mm
  • Link thickness: 3 mm
  • Suitable for cars with ABS / ESP
  • Suitable for vehicles with a lot of power
  • Suitable for front wheel and rear wheel drive
  • Manual tensioning (2 steps to assemble)
  • Certifications: Standard 5117, UNI 11313 and TUV approved
  • Disposable gloves and manual included


Snow Chains RUD Protrac 4Fun 4060 + Assembly Gloves Ottinger
Snow Chains RUD Protrac 4Fun 4060
Assembly Gloves Ottinger
40% discount
On accessory
Snow Chains RUD Protrac 4Fun 4060 + Assembly Gloves Ottinger + Headlamp Homeij WatchLight 3AAA Black
Snow Chains RUD Protrac 4Fun 4060
Assembly Gloves Ottinger
Headlamp Homeij WatchLight 3AAA Black
40% discount
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The RUD ProTrac 4Fun snow chain requires an inside clearance of 9 mm and has a chain thickness of 3 mm. The chain has an asymmetrical diamond pattern that provides more grip. The snow chain needs to be manually tensioned, which means that mounting the chain can be down in two steps. The Protrac only needs a free space of 9 mm in the wheel arch, making the snow chain ideal for modern cars with large rims and little free space behind the tyre. The snow chain can be mounted on both the front and rear tyres and is therefore suitable for both front and rear wheel drive vehicles. The RUD Protrac 4Fun has all the necessary quality certifications for all European countries; it complies with the TUV, GS and O-standard V5117 certification. The snow chain comes with disposable gloves and instructions. The table below shows which tyre sizes this model can be used on.

Tyre size


The brand RUD has made top quality snow chains for over 140 years. The German family company is known for their great snow chains that meet the highest safety standards. Thanks to their ongoing innovation, the snow chains are developed so that you have the best grip in all conditions. The snow chains can be attached to your tires quickly and easily. The RUD snow chains guarantee quality and safety and are therefore often recommended by several European car manufacturers. Should you have any further questions about this product or something else, please contact our customer service.

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