Snow Chains Renault Scenic

Sneeuwkettingen voor de Renault Scenic Various snow chains are available for the Renault Scenic. Because not every Renault Scenic has the same tyres, it is not possible to indicate unambiguously which snow chains will fit and which will not. It is very important that you check your tyre size yourself and choose snow chains that fit exactly around your tyres. You can see the size of your tyre on the side of your tire. The most common tyre sizes of the Renault Scenic are listed below for you. Click on the corresponding tyre size to see which snow chains you can choose from. If your tyre size does not appear here, you can enter it in the snow chains calculator below.

Snow chains for the Renault Scenic

The most common tyre sizes for the Renault Scenic are:

205/60 R16
255/55 R17
225/50 R17
205/55 R17

If your tyre size is not listed here, enter it here on the snow chain finder tool:
Find snow chains for your tyre size