Michelin Easy Grip Evolution 16

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With the Michelin Easy Grip Evolution, mounting a snow sock is easier than ever before. This stretchable snow sock is made from a fine mesh of plastic composite cables. The steel links ensure great grip so that this snow chain will hold its own in the snow. Mounting takes place with 2 steps. First, pull the sock over the wheel, then drive the car one metre forward, after which you can pull the sock completely over the wheel. Because the composite cables are slim, they won't take up much space in the wheel well. This Michelin Easy Grip Evolution can therefore be used on cars with tight wheel wells. Because it's very flexible and light, this snow chain is handy for everyone and easy to just put in the boot or storage compartment. The Michelin Easy Grip Evolution is suitable for vehicles with front, rear, or four wheel drive and is compatible with ABS and stability systems like ESP.

Tyre size


About Michelin

The top French brand, Michelin specialises in the area of driving safety and has been known for its outstanding chains. Michelin has invented an innovative snow chain made of braided plastic cable, making the snow chain elastic. This ensures that you experience the ultimate user experience with this snow chain. The Michelin products are manufactured with great care, making them extremely strong and durable. With an Easy Grip chain from Michelin, you will always be on form.


Snow Sock (set of 2)
Easy Grip Evolution
Inside clearance
9 mm
2 steps for assembly
Very simple assembly
Flexible composite cable
Hardly any vibrations in comparison to steel chains
Excellent grip in the snow
ÖNORM V 5121 certified
Light and compact
Not approved for Austria and Germany


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