Maggi TRAK 4X4 LT49

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The TRAK model from Maggi is a unique type of snow chain, as it is mounted on the wheel bolt on the outside of the wheel, so that inner chains are not required. This feature of connecting the chain from the front is useful as some modern cars have a tight space in between the tyre and the wheel arch making it hard to access. The Maggi TRAK 4x4 and SUV chains have the solution to these troubles. The reason these chains are slightly more expensive than traditional chains is because of the special construction of the chains and the unprecedented ease of use and grip that is offered. With this model of Maggi TRAK snow chains you will also receive an adapter to aid in the application of the wheel bolting, so that these chains can be installed at home. By using the adapter, the mounting process will take less than one minute for each wheel. Thanks to the automatic tensioner it also removes the need for you to regularly have to tension the chain. A tip from indicates that these chains should be mounted on the rear wheels when travelling uphill, and on the front wheels for downhill driving. It is advisable to put the snow chains around the wheels where the axle is supporting the most weight.

Tyre size


About Maggi

Maggi is part of the Maggi Group, which is known for its high quality products for outdoor activities. The snow chains from Maggi are designed with the utmost care and attention for ease of use and durability. Thanks to the high quality, the snow chains are very strong and will last for years. Maggi designs snow chains for every car, where the chain can be adjusted to the tyre. Thanks to the clever self-tensioning links, the snow chains can be placed on your tires in no time.


Snow Chain (set of 2)
Suitable for wide tire sizes
Inside clearance
0 mm
For heavy vehicles like SUVs and 4x4s as well as all wheel drive vehicles
Extremely flat design, no chain on the back
Easy assembly
Very high traction
Protects alloy wheels from scratches
Recommended for cars with rear-wheel and all wheel drive
Easy to remove
Suitable for cars with ABS / ESP
Comes with 17 mm, 19 mm, and 21 mm adapters


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