König XD-16 250

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König XD-16 is in many ways the big brother of the König CD-9. This sturdy chain is suitable for SUVs and off-road vehicles and is therefore available in large sizes. The link thickness is 16 mm, providing excellent grip. This chain can also be used in mud. Because of the thick links, this chain provides extremely good grip when driving. Assembling is fairly simple and is done in the traditional way with tension, hooking, and re-tensioning. Therefore you have to make 2 stops out of the car. Once the chain is mounted, thanks to its built-in rim clips, the wheels won't be damaged. The chain stays nice and tight thanks to the double steel springs. The disassembly is a matter of loosening the chain with the hooks at the front and back. This is a solid no-frills chain that is ready for hard work. These snow chains are Ö-Norm 5117, Ö-Norm 5119, CUNA, UNI 11313, TÜV certified.

Tyre size


About Konig

The brand König was founded in 1966 in the Italian alps. König is well known for being one of the most innovative brands on the market that sells products of a very high quality. The brand was taken over by Thule in 2004, and conducted their business under that name. However, in 2017, the brand changed its name back to König. The brand follows two core principles: to always be one step ahead in terms of innovation, and to create easy to use, user-friendly products. König's products are rigorously tested before they are put onto the market, by means of a microhardness test and a metallographic test, through which the high quality of their products is guaranteed.


Snow Chain (set of 2)
König (previously Thule)
Inside clearance
16 mm
Assemble in two stops
Micro-regulation system for perfect tensioning
Double steel springs to keep chain against the tyre
Locked parallel hooks to avoid coils on the chain
Protection for alloy rims
Suitable for ABS / ESP
Suitable for SUVs and campers


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