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The brand Spikes Spider comes from Switzerland and was founded in 1979. From the beginning, the brand's focus has been on making high quality products. In the development and production of the snow chains, design and innovation play an important role. These tyre chains are especially suitable for when you have little space in the wheel arch. For example, this can be due to ABS or if you have a sports car. Specialising in snow chains for sports cars and other vehicles with a tight wheel arch, Spikes Spider offer different series suitable for just those type of cars. Series which we have featured such as the Spikes Spider Compact, Spikes Spider Easy Alpine, and the Spikes Spider Easy Sport.
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Spikes Spider Snow Chains

These snow chains from the Spikes Spider brand are distinguishable thanks to their unique design. In addition to the attractive aesthetics their design provides, this brand also ensures high quality snow chains. Since its foundation in 1979, the Swiss manufacturer has focused on snow chains that can be suitable for sports cars. This is also one of the reasons that Spikes Spider only has tyre chains in that range. These Spikes Spider snow chains are necessary when you have a (very) tight wheel arch.