The Homeij brand is known for their high quality products that are offered at an affordable price. The head lamps by this company use LED illumination, which is a new technique. It allows for more effective use of energy so you can have the best flashlight. A head lamp can offer a solution when you need to mount snow chains in the dark. This gives you two free hands and optimum visibility, even behind the tires.

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Headlamp Homeij WatchLight 3AAA Black


Headlamp Homeij WatchLight 3AAA Black


Manual tensioning

Quick assembly

Suitable for wheel arches with little space

Suitable for aluminium rims

Suitable for ABS/ESP

Suitable for cars with a lot of horsepower

Suitable for heavy vehicles / SUVs

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Homeij Head Torch

When it starts getting darker outside in winter, you don't want to be caught without a torch or headlamp. Choose from our range of Homeij head torches and make sure you're prepared for every eventuality.